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A recycling/waste evaluation involves a “walk through” of the facility including facility floor, outside areas and offices. This "waste search" will include checking trash receptacles, points of generation, and storage areas for all types of waste and the amounts generated.


With the information gathered through the evaluation Mumford puts together an action plan that is aligned with your companies goals. We provide customized plans that may include containment, storage and logistics support. Our goal is to implement a strategy that is beneficial economically and environmentally.


Along with educating you as well as your employees about your recyclable items and their value, Mumford grows as you grow and can help you re-evaluate or adjust your program as needed. Our group has the ability to handle mixed trailer loads of multiple types of plastics and paper. We also provide toll processing for those companies that want to use their own materials as feedstock.


Mumford has designed an information collecting system which creates a customized document for our clients. This system allows you to facilitate tracking the effectiveness of your recycling program, cost savings and revenue generation individually by material type.

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"As a client for Mumford Industries, we have found their services and support to be very reliable. Mumford not only supports great recycling efforts but gives companies the opportunity to work towards making their sustainability efforts feasible."

- Automotive Manufacturer Supplier